Civvy Life – Sarah Stewart

Civvy Life – Sarah Stewart

By Claudia Foxcroft

Sarah Stewart established RTG First Aid in 2015. She’s a Medical Corps Reservist with the British Army having Served for 14 years so far. She also volunteered as an emergency responder for two years with the Scottish Ambulance Service.

Tell us a bit about RTG First Aid…

My team are all qualified, certified and regulated instructors who all have Military experience, with a combined Service of over 70 years, in addition to 18 years first responder experience. Together they’re a very knowledgeable team in the teaching of first aid to the public and in providing first aid event cover, for example at triathlons, marathons, gala days and that kind of thing.

All First Aid trainees receive a first aid pack for personal use and a booklet for further perusal. As a company our mission is to provide professional high-quality first aid that is both certified and regulated.

Who do you train?

We train anyone from the Brownies up to construction companies. All companies should have a first aid person within the workplace; we are happy to teach everyone.

You’re also a Reservist…

I’m doing the trainee Warrant Officer’s job at the moment so I’m in five days a week and I work with the Officers’ Training Corps in Dundee.

I’m so passionate about getting people back into employment after they’ve left the Military. They’re punctual and on time and they’re dedicated to their jobs. I employ Military personnel for the teaching side as we have continuity and a great subject knowledge of first aid, having done this in our Military careers.

Is it difficult to balance the two sides?

I used to work in construction and I left that so that I could run my own business and have time for both myself and the Officer Cadets.

The Commanding Officer has been absolutely fantastic and given me the opportunity to be flexible so I can’t ask for better. He’s so supportive that
we’ve trained Offi cer Cadets that are due to leave to give them that extra experience to then go on and do further studies. He’s given me the use of the premises, if I want to teach civilians there I can do that as well.

What kind of certification do students receive and how does it help them?

All successful students will receive a certificate from the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA in First Aid courses).

My business is all about getting people back into work. Every workplace requires a first-aider by law, so if they’ve got that, they’re already onestep  closer to employment.

Do Service-leavers take well to training?

Absolutely. We provide a very proactive course. It’s very hands-on because we’re Military so we’re not doing ‘death by Powerpoint’. The teaching is all very interactive, to stimulate the mind.

It’s about getting together as a team and having a laugh but also learning. And that’s what we do differently to everyone else.

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