Civvy Life – Ryan Goodwin

Ryan Served in the Royal Navy for six years before leaving and joining industrial electronics spare parts and repair firm, Northern Industrial.

What was your resettlement like?

It’s a 12 month notice period and when it got down to the last three months I got more into resettlement to try to get a job. I went to a few classes on the base about how to write a CV and what employers might be looking for and things like that. It was quite good actually; I didn’t think they’d be as helpful as they were.

How did you get involved with Northern Industrial?

I got a phone call from them. They’d seen my CV on a recruitment website. They were actively looking for ex-Forces personnel. It’s that attention to detail, turning up on time and willingness to work hard that they like.

They’re an electronics repair company. They repair things for companies all over the world.

What’s your role?

I’m a repair technician. I’ll get faulty drives in and I’ll have to check if they’re capable of being powered-up and if not I’ll open them up and have a look to see what faults there are or any damage – sort it out and try to get them to work.

What Military attributes do you bring to your role?

I’ll be honest, before I joined the Forces I lacked in confidence but I enjoy work, especially in engineering – I love fixing things and obviously, I got better at it throughout my time in the Forces.

What advice would you give to Service-leavers approaching resettlement?

Don’t leave it too late. As soon as you can, make sure your CV’s done – stuff like that. I left mine a bit late. I was lucky but I definitely should have sent it out earlier!

What aspects of Forces life do you miss?

Travelling and going around the world, although it did get to a point where I’d had enough. I enjoyed the time I was in the Military but I’m happy as I am now. I enjoy my job.

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