Give Us Time Thanks the Hospitality and Travel Industry at the House of Lords

On 2nd December, Give Us Time, a charity for the Armed Forces, invited its benefactors in the hospitality and travel sector to the House of Lords to celebrate their commitment to the charity.

Dr. Liam Fox MP launched Give Is Time in 2012, appealing to owners and managers of holiday homes, hotels and timeshares to donate accommodation to British military personnel and their families.

Guests at the prestigious event included representatives from timeshare company Diamond Resorts International, CLC World Resorts and Hotels, Belgraves Hotel and the Corinthia Hotel.

Reflecting on the event, Karen Hay, Chief Executive, Give Us Time, comments: The event was a great success – it was the perfect opportunity to thank our hosts in the hospitality and travel sector for their ongoing commitment to Give Us Time.

“Taking care of our military is more important than ever and recent events remind us that, as a nation, we must look after our service personnel. Businesses in hospitality and travel have the power make a marked difference to those deployed on operational tours.

“Everyone involved in the charity should be immensely proud of their hard work, which enhances the lives of families who are in need of good quality, time together away from the high-pressure tempo of military life.”

Trustees for the charity including Lady Kitty Spencer (Princess Diana’s niece), Phil Watson and Belinda deLucy McKeeve, were also in attendance at the House of Lords.

At the event, Lady Kitty Spencer said: “’When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching – they are your family.’ These words were written by the American author Jim Butcher, and I feel they resonate so much with Give Us Time and what we hope to strengthen and secure for our military. We want to underpin this lifelong support network for all those who have served our country.”

As the year draws to a close, Give us Time is calling on holiday companies, park owners, and even UK families with holiday homes or caravans, to donate one-week holidays to military personnel and their families in 2016. Can you help? If so get in touch by emailing

To find out more or donate a holiday, please visit and follow us on Twitter @GiveUsTime

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