Enduring Success: How To Stay At the Top in Business

What Steve Redgrave doesn’t know about winning isn’t worth knowing – and he’s got five Olympic gold medals to prove it. But what does a sportsman know about business? With Enduring Success Redgrave doesn’t dwell on the ‘what’ but ‘how’. Redgrave takes ideas from his career and transposes them to real business success stories. Carefully analysing the achievements of business heroes – including Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and James Dyson – is just the starting point.

While the answers aren’t in here, it’s a good instruction manual, particularly suited to the ambitious ‘start-up’. After all, Redgrave is no business slouch himself – sports drinks and clothing being his new focus since leaving the boat. I certainly wouldn’t bet against him. [TJ]

Enduring Success: How To Stay At the Top in Business, Steve Redgrave, Headline Business Press, RRP £12.99 ISBN: 978-075531966-4

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