101 Whiskies to try Before You Die

There’s nothing new about guides for this, or guides for that. What is new is that this particular tome has left out the intimidating in jokes and snobbery that so often leaves nothing but a bad taste in the mouth. Happily there are whiskies here to suit all tastes and all pockets.

It’s easy to pick up this ‘miniature’ and take a wee nip of knowledge here and there. With commercial favourites and new delights to savour, ‘101 Whiskies’ has a good balance of texture and the warm character of the author following through. With top notes of wit, charm and subtle hints of insight this is a great guide for novice and seasoned taste buds alike. [TJ]

101 Whiskies to try Before You Die, Ian Buxton, Hachette Scotland, RRP £12.99; ISBN: 978-075536083-3

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