A Secure Career


However long you’ve been in the Armed Forces, you’ll have invaluable skills and experience when it comes to security–and the good news is, it’s a booming sector!

Adapted from CivvyStreet Magazine, October 2013. 

Civvy Street can be a tough place. People, property, private assets and both public and commercial operations are potentially at risk from all kinds of unwanted attention, criminal or otherwise. While private security has always been around, it has certainly moved on from the old days of night watchmen warming their hands at a brazier or the simple alarm systems that, when triggered, rang a bell mounted on an outside wall!

The UK’s private security sector now employs around half a million people, contributing approximately £6 billion to the UK economy. It covers everything from operating CCTV and intruder alarms to physical security measures including the deployment of trained close protection personnel. In recent years, it has also expanded into activities that, while previously undertaken by police officers, have no requirement for police powers to carry them out.

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