Getting Qualified


Adapted from CivvyStreet Magazine, October 2013.

Although recruiters realise that there’s more to a CV than qualifications, it may be the case that, at least in the initial, selection process for interview and so on, that they will be guided by lines in the sand drawn of levels of qualifications. Recruiters may be looking for a minimum number of GCSEs, A-levels or a degree. We look at what you can do with your current qualifications and how you can upgrade them as you emerge from your time in the Armed Forces.

Because of the different options available in the Services, it’s entirely possible that one recruit will have had vastly different qualifications from the next. This is also the same at the time when Service personnel come to make a decision to leave.

The Armed Forces remains an excellent place to learn new skills and pick up qualifications and so a Service-leaver could have gained a huge variety of qualifications (similar or the same as those gained by civilians) during their Service. One of the issues that leavers sometimes face is simply that whilst they have a general idea about what they want to do after the Services they aren’t sure if their qualifications will be good enough or whether they need to update and expand their portfolio. The following is a simple guide:

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Keeping the UK military on the map

When Australian scientists went to have a look at Sandy Island in the South Pacific recently, they discovered that, despite having featured on maps and on Google Earth for years, it doesn’t actually exist. The experts working at the Defence Geographic Centre ( DGC ) may well have smiled wryly on hearing this.

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Keeping the UK military on the map