Transformative Career Opportunities from FDM

Transformative Career Opportunities from FDM

Off By Ed Hanna

FDM’s Ex-Forces Programme focuses on transforming ex-Service personnel into IT and business professionals, be that senior project managers or entry-level consultants. 

Simon is a former CIS Sergeant who is now a Project Manager with a multinational financial company…

What were you doing before joining FDM?
I joined the Army in 1999 at the age of 25. During my 22 years’ Service I had a diverse and colourful career, ranging from ICT/telecoms systems operation and management, instructing the next generation of soldiers at phase 2 training and then becoming my regiment’s career manager. 

How did you find FDM and why did you decide to join? 
I found FDM while searching for jobs during my resettlement. After my initial interview and assessment, I was excited to be offered this completely new role as a potential project manager. What made me decide to join FDM was an impulse to do something new and challenging. The Army challenged me physically but I needed something that would challenge me mentally and allow me to transfer some of the skills I had acquired.

What’s your current role?
I am currently a project manager working with transitioning various national train operating companies onto a new digital control system, including responsibility for the finance and revenue forecasts.

Which projects have you found particularly interesting?
My first project was at one of the key government departments; I was given the responsibility of transitioning the current SMS notification service for the whole of the department onto a new and modernised service. This project challenged me, as I had to take on a couple of roles that I was not accustomed to.

Which Military-acquired skills have you been able to transfer into your civilian work?
Where do I start? Having a good working knowledge of IT helped massively. Being organised and having a great ability to plan. Communication skills, such as my ability to be empathic, compromise, if necessary and actively listen to customer and stakeholders’ questions and concerns.

What accomplishments are you most proud of from your time with FDM? 
Passing the Ex-Forces Project Management course! I got an interview while I was on the last week of the course and that got me my first job at one of the key government departments. After my contract finished, I was already earmarked to work with a multinational financial company.

Sadly, I recently suffered the loss of my daughter, Mila. The help and support shown to my family has been amazing and I am truly grateful for that. The flowers and messages of condolence were lovely and genuinely showed what a caring company FDM is. They say in times of great tragedy, that people and work show their true worth and both the Ex-Forces Team and FDM have shown the highest qualities. I would love to finish this with a very heartfelt thank you for the support we have been given.

About FDM’s Ex-Forces Programme

The programme is specifically designed to provide Service-leavers with expertise, training and commercial experience, bridging the gap between the Forces and the corporate world. Once trained, our consultants will be prepared for working with our high-profile clients on a consultancy basis as they launch a fulfilling second career.