Join our Business Support Team at Practice Plus Group

Join our Business Support Team at Practice Plus Group

Off By Ed Hanna

Looking to step into healthcare?

We are a really diverse organisation in lots of ways. We undertake more than 80,000 operations a year in our hospitals, answer 3 million calls a year in our 111 and GP services and delivering care to over 40,000 prisoners with often complex needs. We do that in many diff erent locations across the country, and strive to encourage and build a diverse workforce, bringing the strengths of different experiences, professions and cultural backgrounds together.

We are currently expanding our business support teams and can off er a varietyof roles in the following areas:

Prison Healthcare
Opportunities for administrators, pharmacy checkers and regional patient engagement lead to join and support our dedicated healthcare teams supporting 47 prisons across England.

Primary Healthcare
Patient services advisor, 111 health advisors, drivers, IUC comfort callers, bank co-ordinator and administrator opportunities in our walk in centres and 111 call centres.

Secondary Care
With Hospitals and Surgical Centres across England we have a variety of vacancies for porters, varied administrator roles, private healthcare team leaders, receptionists, catering assistants, housekeepers and records clerks to join to dedicated teams focused on providing elective surgery for both NHS and private patients.

You tell us how you want your career to look, and we’ll help you to make it happen.
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