The Armed Forces Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant

Off By Ed Hanna

Civvy Street Magazine is signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant and, as you would expect, we do our best to vigorously promote its application.

The Armed Forces Covenant (AFC) is a mark of the public’s respect and esteem towards the Forces Family.

It’s worth repeating that: “The Armed Forces Covenant represents a promise by the Nation that those who Serve or have Served, and their families, are treated fairly.” 

The number of organisations that have signed the Armed Forces Covenant continues to grow. Each signatory is an expression of admiration and support for the Forces Family. 

The Armed Forces Covenant website lists all 407 local authorities in mainland Great Britain and four Northern Ireland councils as those that have pledged to uphold it. Thousands of other organisations have signed the Covenant, including businesses and charities. 

The Armed Forces Covenant is not a pledge that should be taken lightly – and the fact that so many organisations, small and large, public and private, have signed it, should not be taken as a sign that it has become diluted.

Behind every signing of the Covenant will be a variety of commitments – and it’s worth keeping in mind that no organisation is obliged to get involved but that they do so out of respect for Armed Forces personnel and by extension, Service-leavers and Veterans.

Read on find out how other companies and organisations choose to uphold the Armed Forces Covenant.

How the Armed Forces Covenant is applied
When an organisation signs up to the AFC, they make a pledge demonstrating how they’ll support Forces personnel and their families. This can include:

• Supporting the employment of Service-leavers, for example, by implementing a recruitment scheme targeting ex-Forces personnel or working towards the Employment Recognition Service (ERS) award.

• Offering discounts to Forces staff and their families.

• Taking the needs of Forces and ex-Forces personnel into account when delivering services (this particularly applies to public services such as NHS or social housing).

It’s always worth double-checking to see if a company you’re approaching for any type of service, or as a potential candidate, is a signatory to the Covenant.

What does the Armed Forces Covenant mean to Service-leavers?
The AFC provides a number of different benefits across a range of sectors to Service-leavers and their families.

 These include:

  • Employment and training opportunities from businesses or sectors signed up to the scheme, for example, the NHS Step into Health scheme.
  • Discounts on products and services to ex-Forces personnel and family members.
  • Help with accessing NHS health treatment.
  • Support and advice for finding a new civilian home.
  • Service Pupil Premium, worth £310 annually per child to cover education costs.


Get Safety Right

Health & safety is not just a tick box exercise – and neither is the Armed Forces Covenant.

“Having Served in the Royal Navy, I was able to transfer key skills and build upon them, forging a successful career in the NHS and over the last 12 years working in my own health & safety consultancy”, says managing director, Clive Thorp.

“The majority of our business comes from personal recommendations based on being a trusted and reliable service. We have built up a network of other consultants, some of whom are ex-Forces. This has been an important development as we identify with the transferable qualities developed in the Forces that include hard work, honesty, integrity, teamwork and an ability to operate under pressure. It is for this reason that we signed the Armed Forces Covenant.  We want to help ex-Forces personnel succeed.

There are several reasons why organisations should implement a health and safety system, including financial, legal and moral. It is our duty to ensure the safety of employees and visitors. The cost of getting it wrong is not just financial, it is also reputational, which can have a significant impact on your business. 

We offer a friendly and professional service assisting clients with their health & safety requirements. This includes ensuring that organisations achieve and maintain compliance with the development and day-to-day support for health and safety systems.

We offer a discounted service to the Forces Family including the businesses that serve them as well as partners of Civvy Street Magazine. This starts with a free 30-minute initial consultation.”

Email: or visit our website: to find out more.

Best of British

Naylor Industries Plc are a leading and long established British manufacturer of building and construction products – and support the Armed Forces Covenant.

Naylor Industries have 130 years of manufacturing and supply experience to the construction, building and civil industries. We specialise in the manufacturing of clay pipes, plastic drainage 

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With over 130 years of expertise and craftsmanship, Naylor are committed to investing in the continuous development of our people, our technologies and in skills for the future. Our highly skilled teams in South and West Yorkshire, Fife and the West Midlands have helped to position the Naylor Group of companies as a market leader with an unparalleled reputation for quality and services.

We reward our employees, who are at the heart of our business, with excellent career progression opportunities, flexibility and continual training options.

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