Offering comfort where it’s needed most

Offering comfort where it’s needed most

Off By Ed Hanna

The importance of support in all aspects of life cannot be underestimated – whether that’s for mental, emotional or physical health, having access to it is imperative. 

British furniture manufacturer and retailer, HSL, is proud to have signed the Armed Forces Covenant. As part of their commitment to the Covenant, they will seek to support the employment of Veterans and Service family members. They will endeavour to offer a degree of flexibility for Service spouses/partners before, during and after deployment – and they will also actively participate in Armed Forces Day and encourage support of Military charities’ fundraising. 

The Armed Forces Covenant exists to ensure that the Armed Forces Community is supported and treated with respect and equality in the society they pledged their life to protect. 

Signing the Armed Forces Covenant was an easy and logical step for HSL to make. They already support their customers in all aspects of life – whether it’s through a friendly chat in-store, providing wellbeing literature, or in the physical support their occupational therapist approved furniture provides.

HSL has been building chairs, sofas and beds for over 50 years that are ergonomically designed to offer ultimate comfort and style, whilst also supporting the natural contours of the spine – particularly helpful for people with additional physical needs following injury in the line of duty.  

To see the difference HSL’s range of chairs, sofas and beds can make, visit: or tel: 01924 507050 or visit your local store.