Become a Real Birth Teacher

Become a Real Birth Teacher

Off By Ed Hanna

To impart knowledge with confidence to empower pregnant women and people and their birth partners at this very special time.

The Real Birth Company has been born from the idea that every pregnant woman and person should be able to access positive, affordable, evidence-based information. We believe totally that informative antenatal education is a vital part of pregnancy, and over the last 4 years our programme has been shared with 1000’s of women.

The Real Birth Programme has been developed to look at birth with a modern approach. We use the latest up to date evidence-based information and is being constantly developed to move with the ever-changing maternity services.

The Real Birth Company is all about helping women achieve a positive pregnancy and birth experience. Our positive approach to birth is deeply embedded in our ethos and values.

You will learn to facilitate face-to-face and virtual workshops, using our accredited antenatal teacher training programme. The most common format is facilitating the birth workshop over 1-day, however this can be split into smaller lessons.

You will learn how to impart these sessions, in any format, in a positive manner and help support women regardless of their birthing choices.

You will gain a certificate as a registered Real Birth Antenatal Teacher and gain access to our supportive Hub, that is full of resources and information for your sessions along with support from your Peers. Within the Hub are training videos and updates, so you can always refresh your memory prior to taking a class!

The programme that you will work through has been written in a format that has been researched and thought to enhance the learning process. This syllabus is written in the same structure and will take the same form as your classes. We will look at the attitudes to labour and birth which play an integral part to way the course is delivered.

The Real Birth Training programme is available face to face or through a virtual platform, places limited to 6 attendees to ensure that you feel supported during your training. Our virtual course is taught over four days, during a two week period, cost £690. You can pay either in full or a deposit of £200 to secure your place.

The Birthing Basics course has been developed for those that are Doula’s with no previous antenatal education training. Level 4 or equivalent in biology/physiology/health science preferably women’s health related.  You will be invited to access our online digital birth physiology e-learning programme and a variety of reading materials which will help you gain a broader understanding.The cost of the course is £100 This is to be completed before the 4 day Real Birth Teacher Training Course. 

This course includes –

  • Media and Birth.
  • Basic Birth Physiology.
  • Choice in place of birth.
  • Birth environments.
  • Human rights in birth.
  • Skin to skin and getting feeding off to a good start.

We are announcing that we are giving a Military discount of £100.00 off our training programme.  Please get in touch or visit our website for more information or if you have any questions.