Secure Command and Control Ltd – Bespoke Security Training

Secure Command and Control Ltd – Bespoke Security Training

Off By Ed Hanna

Secure Command and Control Ltd (SCC) is a specialist training company, established to provide tactical equipment and specialist training for professionals within the Government, security services and wider business organisations.

Our training packages are designed to raise the bar and create individual operatives and teams who go that one step further in their professionalism, aptitude, and attitude. The core training and management team at SCC have trained over 400 specialist team members in several countries in the past four years. 

Key benefits
We design bespoke training packages for the Military, police and other law enforcement units. We focus our training on specialists. This means that one of the key benefits of Secure Command and Control (SCC) is the fact that we have the operational experience and knowledge of different services and are able to create best practice within a unique hybrid methodology, when it comes to training. 

Our approach is extremely clear-cut. We deliver techniques. We train SOPs for good practice and we deliver functional operational templates and individuals on completion of our programmes.

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