Franchising – The Management Franchise in Operation

Franchising – The Management Franchise in Operation

Off By Civvy Street

In the last few editions of Civvy Street Magazine, Lisa Stead of Shuttercraft has shown us the opportunities to be found in franchising, the different types of franchise, and described some of the characteristics which help determine who would make a happy and productive franchisee. This time she takes us through the franchise in operation.

Our model at Shuttercraft is relatively simple. As franchisors, it’s our job to ensure that the individual franchisees are delivering the high standards that our brand maintains. It’s in the interests of the whole network that consumers know what to expect from a Shuttercraft fit, and our experience shows that our franchise operators appreciate having clear standards. 

From head office, we ensure that franchisees are supported towards this in several crucial ways. The first is the product – ensuring that the very best in materials are provided within the agreement. All our partners know that the shutters and blinds that they are fitting are the best quality on the market. The second is training – everyone who measures, fits or sells for a Shuttercraft franchise will receive our award-winning training, in turn ensuring customer satisfaction, and the third is business tools; from marketing to finance, to customer care, support and advice are available to our franchisees in every aspect of their business.

In the end, franchising is very much a partnership between the brand and the franchisee. Buying into a franchise means adopting the business model and standards, and in return, receiving the tools to do the job, and run your business to mutual benefit.