Sign Up For Big Battlefield Bike Ride Dunkirk 2020 Today!

Sign Up For Big Battlefield Bike Ride Dunkirk 2020 Today!

Off By Ed Hanna

Big Battlefield Bike Ride is our iconic, annual cycling challenge that combines military history, camaraderie and pedal power in an event like no other! In 2020 we will retrace the path of the British Expeditionary Force and commemorate 80 years since the Dunkirk evacuation. Join us and pay your respects to the Heroes of the past whilst supporting our Heroes of today.

Your cycling route will take you to several historic battle sites – from the place of the failed evacuation at Dieppe to Ypres, the backdrop to some of the biggest battles during World War I. Retracing the steps of the brave souls who fought to keep us safe, you will learn about their poignant history, with stories told by some of the UK’s finest historians.

Cycling around 70 miles a day alongside fellow fundraisers, you’ll experience a true sense of camaraderie. What better way to honour the incredible commitment, dedication and bravery of our Armed Forces, both past and present, than by joining veterans from our own Band of Brothers on this iconic bike ride.

Why join the Big Battlefield Bike Ride?

This incredible ride will make you part of an extraordinary journey – from sign up to finish line. Whether you wish to set your own personal challenge, breathe in the history or simply experience the sense of camaraderie as you ride with fellow fundraisers; your efforts will help support truly inspirational individuals rebuild their lives.

Sign up today and witness how your fundraising can positively impact the lives of wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans, some of whom will also be taking part.

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