Will you make a promise to our Heroes?

Will you make a promise to our Heroes?

By Claudia Foxcroft

Last year, Help for Heroes was able to support more wounded Veterans than ever before. But research shows that many more will need them, now or in the future.

More than 66,090 men and women who Served between 1991 and 2014 are likely to need support at some stage of their lives. Many will have mental or physical problems that surface years after leaving the Armed Forces.

Veteran Dan Phillips’ life was changed beyond recognition when he was shot at while on patrol in Afghanistan in 2012. He ruptured discs and damaged his spinal cord. Dan faced years of intensive therapy and could no longer even move around his home. Having to leave the Army left him heartbroken.

“Being discharged is like being ripped out of a very close family. It left me in a dark place.”

With support from Help for Heroes, Dan and his family have moved into a house adapted for his needs. He has also been introduced to a range of courses to help with his recovery.

“It’s going to be a battle, a fight to keep as active as I possibly can because my back will gradually get worse. Whatever happens, I know I’ll be able to turn to help for Heroes.

Will you sign up to the Heroes Promise and give £8 a month to help Heroes like Dan?

Find out more at: h4hweb.com/heroespromise