Victorious Are Our Vinegars! Award-Winning Taste & Quality Continue to Shine at vomFASS

vomFASS Franchise partners know why they have chosen vomFASS as a franchise and why customers will always return for our exceptional products. We submitted our products to the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi), an independent and truthful organization for product valuation. We are proud to announce that we have received several our note-worthy products again.

This year vomFASS received the Superior Taste Award for the Organic Hempseed Oil (2 stars), Blueberry Balsamic Star (3 stars), Passion Fruit Balsamic Vinegar (3 stars) and Apple Balsamic Vinegar (3 stars). vomFASS also received the Crystal Taste Award for the Passion Fruit Balsamic Vinegar and the Diamond Award for the Apple Balsamic Vinegar.

The iTQi awards are a unique and highly respected international recognition based upon a jury of Michelin starred chefs and sommeliers, all of whom are influential leaders and experts in taste. Similar to the Michelin guide of gastronomy, iTQi does not organize a competition, but rewards products on their own merits. Only those products receiving a mark above 70% can be granted a Superior Taste Award of one, two or three golden stars. ITQi awards

  • 1 golden star equals an overall mark between 70 and 80% and achieves the rank of “good taste”
  • 2 golden stars equals an overall mark between 80 and 90% and achieves the rank of “remarkable taste”
  • 3 golden stars equals an overall mark over 90% and achieves the rank of “exceptional taste”
  • Crystal Taste Award: given to products that have received 3 stars 3 years in a row. These products are successfully blind-tasted 3 years consequently by 3 different panels of judges earning a score of 90% or above.
  • Diamond Taste Award: given to products that have received a 3 star rating 7 times within 10 years by 7 different judges.

Judgements are based upon a sensory analysis measuring intensity of gustatory pleasure.

During the tests each product is subjected to an individual blind tasting according to a rigorous sensory analysis procedure. The tasters are asked to evaluate the products as if they were having them in their family home, not according to the standards of their restaurants.

These highly respected awards offer valuable credibility to the vomFASS product line.  In addition to pointing out yet another difference between vomFASS and the competitors, these honors bring international affirmation of high quality. The Superior Taste Award label can be prominently displayed on product materials. This is an invaluable marketing tool as well as a guarantee of the highest quality to our customers.

When you care as much about taste and quality as we do at vomFASS, people take notice!  Since 2003, our products have been recognized over 190 times by top organizations such as iTQi – The International Taste & Quality Institute and International DLG (German Agricultural Society), a leading organization dedicated to testing and promoting outstanding products.

As always, we are excited to continue to bring these internationally acclaimed products made from only the finest ingredients to connoisseurs around the world and this year is no exception.

Explore our selection of award-winning vinegars online or stop by your local vomFASS shop to experience the finest taste and quality for yourself!

Meet us face-to-face and explore benefits of being in business for yourself, not by yourself. If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with us directly at or find more information on franchise opportunities at

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