Armed Forces Para Snowsports Team 2018

The Armed Forces Para Snowsports Team are a charity where from the success on the Slopes this winter have had a massive increase in numbers. They have already held one Newcomers event in Hemel Hempstead which quadrupled in size since last years event, as well as holding an event on the 24th July at the Castleford Snozone. There were smiles all round at the AFPST Newcomers Event, and not just because they had found the perfect way to cool off in this heat!

They held their second Newcomers event of the year at Castleford to allow them to provide an opportunity to the increasing numbers of Athletes that now want to get involved with the charity.

The Newcomers Event marks the beginning of an exciting journey for many of their athletes. As a charity, they offer prospective athletes the opportunity to experience time on the snow with the option of further instruction in one of three disciplines – Alpine, Nordic and Snowboarding. It’s a chance for their injured, wounded and sick veterans, often referred to them through #Battleback #Blesma #SWV #HelpforHeroes, to take the next step towards competitive snowsport.

AFPST’s mantra is a simple one – Transformation. Freedom. Recovery. They want to broaden the minds of their hopeful athletes – to help them find the strength within themselves to give competitive, adaptive snow sport a go. For some, physical or hidden wounds can make the trip itself, with all the crowds, a huge challenge; yet their veterans dug deep and found the courage to head down the slope on a set of skis or a snow board – often for the first time. It was truly humbling to witness.

The resilience and bravery demonstrated was simply awesome! As the Athletes arrived they were fearful of stepping into the unknown, and for some they were overwhelmed by the challenge of learning a new skill. However by the end of the session the were fearless, daring and eager to explore the possibility of a recovery journey supported by their new Snow Family.

About the Charity
The Armed Forces Para Snowsport Team (AFPST) has gone from strength to strength this year, with growth in the foundation teams and truly impressive performances on the world stage. The charity is run by volunteers, and exists to aid the recovery of wounded, injured and sick Service personnel and veterans. It does this through the medium of adaptive Alpine skiing, Snowboarding and Nordic skiing, providing a winter sports focus for adaptive athletes to regain their spirit of challenge, competition and achievement. Importantly, the charity also offers veterans the chance to form strong friendships with others who have shared similar experiences, fostering a familiar sense of military camaraderie. AFPST runs a year-round program of snow events for all levels, and has strong links with many Service charities.
From our Foundation Teams to representation of two of our Athletes at the Paralympic in Pyeongchang
2018 was incredible with another 4 Athletes only just missing out on a slot. These guys a truly inspirational!
It is a relatively small charity which makes a big impact to our Athletes lives and has pushed many boundaries starting the first adaptive snowboard foundation team and the first British Para Nordic Team for 20 years! To find out more here are some useful links:

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