Shell Graduate Programme 2018

Shell Graduate Programme 2018

By Ed Hanna

Discover the advantages of the Shell Graduate Programme. Learn more about applying and the opportunities that await you. Whether you join the Technical or Commercial Functions area of the Shell Graduate Programme, you will receive unparalleled formal training that will enhance your career. They’ve designed the programme to give remarkable candidates like you the business knowledge and training you’ll need to become a future leader.

Right from the start, you’ll embark on a comprehensive Onboarding Programme that systematically exposes you to all areas of the organisation. Depending on your chosen path, you’ll participate in a two- to five-year development programme. This will include two or three rotations that combine on-the-job learning with formal training opportunities. You’ll be given stimulating, hands-on roles, and have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with their company values.

On top of a competitive starting salary and other outstanding benefits, you will have the ability to deepen your knowledge through structured learning and contributing to groundbreaking projects. All the while, you’ll be supported by a direct supervisor to provide guidance and constructive feedback, as well as an excellent mentorship programme.

Shell Graduate Programme at a glance

  • 2-5 Development Programme with rotations depending on your chosen area
  • Challenging and substantial responsibilities from your first entry into the business, where your performance contributes to company success
  • A structured development programme, highly valued across the industry
  • Working for a globally recognized brand tackling globally significant challenges
  • Excellent flexibility and work-life balance

Developing Future Leaders

We’ve designed the Shell Graduate Programme to give remarkable students and graduates like you a real role in our business, whether you join our Technical, Commercial Business or Corporate Functions area. We’ll provide you with the outstanding experience and training you’ll need to become a future leader of our business.

Challenging Roles from Day One

  • Increasing levels of responsibility
  • A culture of feedback and continuous improvement
  • Commercial and Corporate programmes have Rotations within the programme. Technical programmes may have more than one project assignment.

Professional Development

  • Assigned Supervisor & Mentor
  • Tailored Individual Development Plan

Assured Performance & Competence

  • Industry regular performance checks
  • Formal end of programme assessment
  • Opportunity for rapid progression

Comprehensive Financial Rewards and Benefits

  • Being recognized and rewarded through performance related pay
  • Benefits such as on-site gym, medical/dental care and share save schemes.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Opportunities for every employee, regardless of location, gender, ethnicity and physical abilities
  • Be part of a diverse and connected global network

Life Outside Work

  • Whatever your interests, in many locations there’s likely to be an employee network such a the Graduate Network, Balance (Women’s) Network, LGBT Network and Asian Network.
  • At Shell, the social side of work is just as important as putting in the hours. It’s a community, young and friendly, where you soon get to know everyone.