Security Management with Liverpool University

Security Management with Liverpool University

By Ed Hanna

The expertise you will gain from this course will put you in good stead for future employment and advancement in the global security industry. Understanding the threat posed on a local, national and global level and how to tackle this threat, is key for organisations, governments and institutions.

This security management course meets this challenge, enabling participants and organisations the opportunity to grasp the issues pertaining to security management, intelligence, and law enforcement and how these are designed, discussed, implemented on a theoretical and practical level.

This security management course is invaluable for individuals or organisations who have a remit to protect people, assets, infrastructure, supply chains and your organisation and its operations.

It is ideal for those seeking to develop their knowledge and critical thinking on the subject, and is of interested to those who wish to develop their career in close protection, security, anti and counter terrorism operations, policing, or homeland security.

Qualification: Postgraduate Certificate / Postgraduate Diploma / Masters

Starts: September 2018

When: 18 September 2017

Where: Delivered online with the support of leading industry experts

Duration: 11-28 months depending on route taken

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