The Best Property Franchise

The BEST Property Franchise is a unique franchise business..called Lease To Rent ..MD Martin Godfrey explains ” As a property company with over 30 years experience in Investment and Development, we launched the L2R Franchise in 2016 and are now rolling out nationally .Please note, however, we are NOT estate agents !

Our system works with Owners, Estate Agents and Professional Tenants providing a top quality service to our clients and benefiting from the huge increase in the rental market ie Generation Rent sharing profits 50 / 50 between Franchiser and Franchisee.

We currently have Franchisees in their Thirties through to Sixties, so age is no barrier, in fact we find with age comes “gravitas” which is respected by all sides ”

Martin continues : ” We provide full business training and support to get our franchisees from £30 k PA in six months to £100,000 in 2 years, in the very stable and growing property sector. We have monthly training sessions, combined with on site training and immediate support through email, phone, text and whatsapp etc .

Our office handles all contracts and administration leaving the Franchisee free to deal with Client Tenants found through corporate advertising ”

When asked why the company was advertising in a Military magazine , Martin commented further ” We are looking for practical folk, with a lot of common sense good people skills,who understand how to get “stuck in”, and we feel that ex military people will fit this. In addition, we as a company and me personally feel very grateful for the effort and sacrifice military folk go through and as such will look forward to working with them and sharing our knowledge and skills in real estate.

” We then asked Martin about the costs, he explained: ” Most real estate franchisees require Investments of £100k to £400K …whilst ours requires only £6K to £7K working capital which is ultimately returned to the Franchisee …and our Franchise Fee is £15,000 plus VAT for military applicants ( a discount on the full price .)

Please call on 0207 6177 898 or email

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