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If you intend to resettle in Birmingham, Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sheffield, Belfast, Bristol, Southampton, South Wales, Oxford or the Isle of Man, your new civilian address could well be the key to your future career!

Our business is disarmingly simple.

We provide virtual mailboxes with a physical street address in the UK, so that they can be used for communication with banks,  building societies, card issuers, insurance companies, the DVLA,  HMRC, Companies House and the Passport Office. . .   or for courier deliveries from on-line retailers.

We receive, sort and store our customers’ letters and parcels, then forward them according to each account holder’s individual preference.

Almost 18 years of trading has taught us, however, that most people want mailbox addresses in  specific geographical locations so, in order to expand nationwide, we need to find dependable franchise partners in 20 major towns and city locations across the UK, ready to duplicate the tremendous success of expost™.

A low entry cost;

During this initial roll out, the total set-up cost for a Prime territory such as Greater Manchester (with exclusivity across the M, SK, OL, BL and BB postcode areas) is just £13,300 plus VAT, including all bespoke furniture, IT systems, training, marketing, advertising and enough consumables for the whole of the first year of trading!

… with no expensive high-street premises, stock or staffing

An expost mail centre,  even in the busiest of city locations, can be managed easily by a single operator, working a maximum of 20 hours per week in year one, with dedicated workspace of around 200 square feet;  about the same as a small double bedroom or garage.

…no selling!

Our dedicated team at Philbeach carry out all account sales on your behalf and then provide on-going live support to your customers from 6am until 4pm, Monday to Saturday.

Freeing you entirely from the burden of direct customer contact means that you can work the hours you choose, and allows you to concentrate on managing the centre to optimise operational revenue.

…low overhead & positive cashflow

No staff wages, no expensive high street premises, no stock, no travelling… and no annual fees!

Because all necessary consumables are supplied as part of the Franchise package, the only operational overhead is the postage incurred when you forward a customers’ mail… but you don’t pay this either!   Whether you send a single letter to Swindon via the Royal Mail,  or despatch three 20Kg parcels to South Africa by DHL or UPS,  the costs are all charged to our credit accounts.


We receive a Royalty of 30% (plus VAT) on all account sales and operational charges, but all of our turnover and profit figures in the prospectus are calculated net of Royalties!

…with real time payments, management reports & accounts

We provide central merchant facilities for all major debit or credit cards and Paypal,  allowing your mail centre revenues to be reconciled in real time, and transferred directly into your bank at the end of each month.

…and a 100% return on your investment well within the first year

You need to consider the figures in our comprehensive Franchise Prospectus


For More information contact Expost: 

Tel Number : 01646 635 840

Website: http://resettle.expost.uk

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