Corporate Risk Systems Limited MOD Full House Training package

Corporate Risk Systems Limited has a programme of donating an MOD FULL HOUSE Training package, value £2,600, to a deserving delegate at all the remaining BFRS Events in 2017

First deserving delegate is Kimberley Edmunds-Jones and was put forward by the charity Armed Forces Bikers

The reason behind her nomination was because she has not found it easy since leaving the Military, she has PTSD, but has worked hard to overcome barriers due to this.

At present she is having difficulty securing full time employment, but does pick up some part time work.

The course is of particular interest due to the path she wants to take, and the charity know it will be the training she can “really get her teeth into.”

Kimberly was presented with the Certificate to claim her future training at the recent BFRS Catterick Jobs and Careers Fair, by David Hancock-Dexter, Sales Manager for Corporate Risk Systems Limited and Amanda Wood-Woolley from Armed Forces Bikers Charity who nominated Kimberley for the training.

David and Kimberley initially thought Nebosh National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, Nebosh Certificate in Environmental Management and Nebosh Fire Safety and Risk Management Certificate would be ideal for future job applications.

For more information please visit their website

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