Skills translation company brings success to head of The Soldier’s Charity in Wales

Skills translation company brings success to head of The Soldier’s Charity in Wales

By Taylor Ferguson

A former member of the British Army has proved that successfully transitioning into civilian life is possible, thanks to help he received from a skills translation company based in Swansea.

Upon leaving the British Army, Peter Davies, now Regional Director of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity Wales, realised that trying to find work outside of the Army was not straightforward, due to the qualifications he gained during his many years in the Army not being recognised by employers in civilian life.  

“I was frustrated that the qualifications I gained whilst in the Army weren’t relevant or even recognised by non-military employers or institutions. My qualifications gained from the Army involved a lot of hard work and weren’t easy to achieve. The thought of having to retrain to get recognised skills that I knew I already had was frustrating and seemed like a complete waste of time,” said Peter.   

Peter therefore got in touch with The British Training Board, a company that is able to translate military qualifications into civilian ones. He used the company’s military mapping service, which analysed Peter’s skills gained from the Army, and translated them into qualifications recognised by employers in civilian life. This meant Peter did not have to undergo any unnecessary additional training and instead could focus on applying for jobs that matched his current skillset.

“It was a relief to feel all my hard work hadn’t gone to waste through getting my achievements validated through the skills translation service provided by The British Training Board. It’s something I would recommend to anyone leaving the Army, as it can really help with finding a meaningful and suitable job with the skills you already have,” Peter added.

The Soldier’s Charity gives a lifetime of support to soldiers and veterans from the British Army and their immediate families. Peter, who is responsible for fundraising for the Charity in Wales, has been working in his role as regional director since April 2016.

The British Training Board is the sister company of Aartic Training Group, a company that provides numerous training courses and specialist training academies to individuals including the long-term unemployed, ex-forces personnel and young people not in education, employment or training (NEETs).

The companies were set up by brothers Adrian and Antony Rabey, who both served in the Royal Logistic Corp in the British Army.  

Adrian Rabey, Managing Director of The British Training Board, said:

“We understand the frustrations of people like Peter who have left the Army with very credible and impressive skills, yet they aren’t accepted by employers outside of the forces. Seeing Peter working in such a prestigious role as regional director of The Soldiers’ Charity Wales is extremely rewarding and we wish him all the best in the future with this admirable organisation.”