Interview with Richard Moses of Interact Medical

Interact Medical are a renowned medical recruitment agency. Here, we have an Interview with Richard Moses of Interact Medical, Richard Moses traces briefly over his career and explains why he values Service-leavers so highly as candidates.

Interview with Richard Moses of Interact Medical

What is your Military background?

I joined when I was 16 and Served with the Royal Engineers all over the World. I then went to the Falklands post-conflict, got onto a medical course and really enjoyed it. I transferred to the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) and did my operating theatre technician course which is the operating department practitioner course over three years and ended up working at Frimley Park, the defence hospital. I left after 12 years and carried on working clinically before doing some work for a recruitment agency as an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) and started to put together teams around the country doing waiting list initiatives and that sort of thing.

I seemed to have a disposition for the business side of things and that’s what got me into medical recruitment.

Interact Medical was set up by people that I’d worked with and they brought me on board, initially as Chief Executive and I’m now Operations Director.

Can you tell me more about Interact Medical?

It’s a medical recruitment business that places doctors, nurses and other health professionals into the NHS and private sectors on a temporary basis. We fill hundreds of thousands of hours a year, a million hours a year for the NHS.

We’re recognised as an organisation that inspires people and we led the Recruit Top 100 Awards last year. We’re a progressive company, 10 years old in March this year. We’re going from strength-to-strength.

What skills and attributes do you admire most in Service-leavers?

I think the attributes we benefit from when we look at former Armed Forces personnel are discipline and self-motivation. For us we want to recruit people with that autonomy and excellence. As an employer that is a very powerful attribute coming into the organisation.

On a personal level I guess it’s the resilience under pressure, to keep a cool head and carry on delivering against expectation when things are challenging or difficult.

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