Veterans Secretary Visits FDM Group In Glasgow

The Scottish Veterans Secretary, Keith Brown, visited a business in Glasgow to see their ex-Forces training programme which offers Service-leavers training to become IT and business consultants.

FDM Group is a professional services provider with a focus on IT and is the UK’s leading IT graduate employer.

Mr Brown met with Norman Yarwood, FDM Ex-Forces Partnership, veterans in training with FDM and those who will shortly join the programme as well as people who have completed the training and are now on placement with high street bank, Barclays.

Keith Brown said: “When veterans move from the Armed Forces into civilian life, their unique experience and training is a huge advantage to employers. Bespoke training programmes, like those offered by FDM Group ensure that veterans can make the most of their skills and are not disadvantaged when they join the professional civilian workforce.

I would encourage employers to look at the positive attitude and the valuable skills our veterans bring and support former members of our Armed Forces in realising their potential.”

Rhys Fraser, a former Private (Highland 4th) and now in training with Barclays, Glasgow said: “FDM have done a lot for me, not just helping me through the transition to employment in civilian life but with personal matters too.

As intense as the course was, making the transition to the IT industry has made me think I should have done this years ago.”


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