Women In Franchising

There are franchise opportunities to suit everyone – men and women equally. Just as in other forms of business, women and men can gravitate to different points of interest and find success in their chosen fields.

Whilst there are no real reasons why franchising should be any different for women than it is for men, it might be the case that a women might choose to spend more time with children or want to work a schedule that fits around maternity, rather than taking a long term break from work altogether. (Of course it needs to be writ large that some men might also share these ideals.)

Women are different to men and are likely to have different opinions and interests and as with the best business ideas, they’ll be reflected in their career choices – and that can have an impact on the type of franchise model (and sector) they might choose to get involved with.

If it is for convenience sake or for an improved work-life balance, perhaps it’ll be a small ‘part time’ operation with minimal financial commitment – and perhaps based around soft skills such as those franchises connected with charity and fundraising. For the purposes of this article, we might deliberately choose to look at the options through an old fashioned or traditional lens and suggest that women might opt to take on franchises that involve catering or cleaning more readily than men might. Nevertheless, irrespective of the sector, the franchising credentials of hard work and determination are still baseline requirements.

Whatever the reasons behind selecting a specific franchise; the process remains the same. A brand will provide a franchisee with the opportunity to purchase a licence to trade using its familiar logos and to a set formula, that with the correct attitude towards the work, should be a winner.

As we always recommend in our business editorials, preparation and due diligence is of paramount importance when selecting any franchise. What might come as a surprise is that most franchise agencies have specific information and suggestions aimed at women in franchising and it may be the case that women looking to set up their own business will find these pages, if not more useful; certainly more interesting in terms of finding out how other women have achieved success.


British Franchise Association


Female Franchise

The UK’s leading women’s business and franchising opportunities website, Female Franchise has been helping thousands of women start their own business since 2007.

As well as franchise news you’ll find case studies from female franchisees written for use by women looking to get into business for themselves, including full-time executive opportunities or flexible low-cost options, or even work at home businesses.

Female Franchise offers franchises and business opportunities suited to women across all skills and backgrounds. As you might expect, there are opportunities in traditional female-dominated sectors such as childcare, pets and the like, as well as options in everything else, ranging from business consulting, finance and fitness.



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