“Stickier Marketing, How To Win Customers In A Digital Age” By Grant Leboff, Kogan Page, ISBN: 9780749471088.

‘Time and tide wait for no man’ especially in the digital age where it’s not even about today’s headlines but more about what’s new this hour or even minute.  With this in mind, how do you get meaningful stories about your products in front of your marketplace in order to increase revenues?


Leboff argues that it’s no longer about who has the biggest, loudest voice but how marketing is directed to make the most acute impact. Although it’s clear that marketing has become more complicated, the upside is that there are some extraordinary tools that most individuals and small business can afford (and are already using) such as Twitter and Facebook etc. In fact, the idea that ‘individuals’ are included in the message at all is perhaps the most important point. Individuals are now responding and spreading messages about businesses and organisations for good or bad. They are part of a two way process.


Whereas before a company could expect response by ‘shouting’ marketing messages through TV, radio or a print advertisements it is no longer the case that the consumer is as easy to reach. The customer has less time and attention to spend on listening to specific messages than ever before and has become adept at filtering out anything deemed to be irrelevant.


Rather than being a nuisance or noise, Leboff explains the concept that the marketing message is now required to have value in its own right and not just at the point of transaction. New methods and attitudes are needed if the voice of your business is going to be heard at all.


Stickier Marketing shows how messages can be made to pay their way by winning business through seeing things through the eyes of the digital customer.

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