Logistics Job Shop working with the Military

In the UK the Logistics sector employs 2.2 million people, representing 8% of the UK’s workforce

Recent research indicates that by 2017 the UK Logistics industry will need 400,000 people to replace those who leave the sector and to meet the demand for new jobs created across the UK

Specifically 149,000 HGV drivers will be needed in the next 6 years to meet the increase in activity in the UK Logistics industry.

Depending on the type of work you will be looking for in a commercial business environment, you may be required to attend additional training courses e.g. Management CPC, Driver CPC, Fork Lift Trainer, Refresher Courses. One of the biggest obstacles you may face nowadays is that some companies will ask for candidates to have 2 or more years commercial experience and this can pose a major problem for Ex-Military personnel. You may be thinking how can I prove my commercial experience or how can I gain this experience? don’t feel despondent, a high number of people we talk to on a daily basis feel like this at the start. We work with you on behalf of our clients which include some of the largest 3rd party logistic firms in the UK to provide you with all the help to overcome these obstacles.

Using your resettlement monies we can advise you of number of training providers across the UK who will create bespoke training packages to help get you ready for your  career in professional driving which includes all required CPC training, Tacho card training, commercial training.

Not looking for driving work, Logistics Job Shop can help you understand how your military skills can transfer into a logistical role and again advising you on any advanced training that maybe available to you.

We can help you find the right job that you want, with the following;

  • Advice on transferable skills and how your Military Skills could transfer into a commercial Logistical role.

  • Advice on training providers available throughout the UK (CPC training, Fork Lift Truck Trainer & commercial training.

  • Resettlement Specialist available Monday – Friday 08:30 – 17:30

  • Help & Advice available on moving from the Military to a Commercial Business Environment

  • CV Guidance

www.logisticsjobshop.co.uk is the largest independent online job board for the UK Logistics & Supply Chain industry, opening the doors to circa 1300 jobs three times per week, registration is free and easy. Using our job alerts allows you to create a bespoke email alert simply focussing on jobs you want to know about, in your area. Logistics Job Shop was created to reflect the changing requirements of online recruitment and to fill the gap between generalist job boards and traditional contingent agency recruitment.


If you require further information or have any questions then please speak to our Resettlement Specialist Kelvin Price on 0117 9859 119 alternatively email kelvin@logisticsjobshop.co.uk