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CNet Training

Off By Ed Hanna

Scott Nolson (32) completed the Certified Telecommunications Project Management (CTPM) with CNet Training and is now a deployment manager with London based internet service provider, Hyperoptic.

Scott’s course from CNet Training gave him the skills to move into his chosen career. He’s been working with Hyperoptic for three years now and supervises 100 new build sites, overseeing the installation of fibre to the homes.

Here’s Scott’s story…

Can you tell us a little about your Military background?
I did seven years with the Royal Signals as an installation technician, I spent a year in Blandford doing telecommunications training. From there, I went to Army HQ for three years, where I looked after the phone systems on site, and then to Bicester with 241 Squadron and went everywhere with them.

When you entered resettlement did you have a fixed idea of what you wanted to do when you left the Military?
I knew I wanted to stay within the industry, but I set my sights on going into project management, to get away from ‘the tools’ and try to follow the money!

Did you complete any ELC courses?
I used mine to do APM PMQ (Association for Project Management, Project Management Qualification). That was all done through my resettlement centre in Aldershot. That was an expensive course, £2,500, it used up all my credits.

Which CNet Training programs have you completed?
I did the Certified Telecommunications Project Management (CTPM) program with CNet Training and paid for that myself. I saw it as more focused on the telecommunications side and thought it would help me in finding a specific telecommunications project management role.

What did the program involve, and did you enjoy it?
I liked the distance learning element which allowed me to study in my own time and the program content was great. Paul Rivett (CNet Training’s Group Operations Director) was so helpful throughout. The program had a good balance of aspects that I had learned before and extra bits that I had to learn; it was nice.

How do you see this program benefiting you in your career development?
The CTPM program I did with CNet Training, was more tailored to the industry, whereas the APM qualification I did was more of a broader overview. I felt the focus on telecoms would benefit me in finding a job within the industry, as a project manager in telecommunications.

Where do you see your career going in five years’ time?
I’d like to think I can potentially move up to operations or more senior management roles, within Hyperoptic. That’s my aim.