Civvy Life – ChipsAway Franchisee, Pat Badder

Civvy Life – ChipsAway Franchisee, Pat Badder

Off By Civvy Street

The brief sight of a spanking new van got Pat thinking about franchising and he’s clearly loving every minute of his new career as a ChipsAway franchisee.

What’s your Military background?
I joined in 1976, did tours in Northern Ireland, First Gulf War and Bosnia. Then I was commissioned into the Logistics Corps and did tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. I took redundancy in 2011 and transferred straight into the Reserves where I did another eight years and finished up at the rank of Major.

How did you go about finding the franchise that was right for you?
I was within my last year in the Reserves when I happened to see a van drive by and I thought, ‘that looks good’. I was very attracted by the idea of working for myself – and I also wanted to learn new skills and provide a service.

I went to an open day at Chips Away in Kidderminster, and I was very impressed by the fact that there was no ‘hard sell’. You’re under no illusions that it’s a big learning curve; you’ll continue to learn; and I do learn something every week. At the same time, it was relatively inexpensive. I was greatly enthused by what I saw, just on that open day. 

It was all very simple. It’s a fantastic network full of people that are willing to help you.

Tell us about that learning curve…
You get taught the basics of the repair jobs on your four-week course. You feel pretty confident but every repair is different. They’re like fingerprints; they all look pretty similar: scrapes, scuffs, scratches, or dents, but they’ve all got their own little intricacies. 

It’s tailor-made for Forces people because you follow processes. You have to practice equipment care and you’ve got to have a disciplined approach to it. It’s just then a case of, you get a repair down to five hours and you think, I don’t think I can make that any quicker. But sure enough, in a month or two, you’re then getting it down to four hours.

How have ChipsAway helped you in becoming a franchisee?
Head Office run national marketing campaigns including TV, digital and social activity, all your store products, all your provisions, everything you need, it’s all there. You’ve got the technical team that are there on the phone and they also provide you with a mentor so you can hit the ground running. 

About ChipsAway
ChipsAway have been established for over 20 years. In that time, they have built a fantastic reputation for providing high quality car body work repairs such as: minor paintwork scratches, bumper scuffs, dents, and alloy wheel repairs. 

Customers have given them a coveted 5* Trustpilot rating!