Smoothing The Transition To Being Your Own Boss with Countrywide Signs

With a business blueprint to follow and an operations manager that has made the transition himself from the Forces to franchising, Countrywide Signs is the ideal business opportunity if you’re looking to be your own boss.

The franchise involves managing for sale and to let boards for local estate agencies in your area. A van-based business, you’ll be out and about every day rather than stuck in an office. And you can grow to manage a small team if you are looking for a scalable business.

This is a thriving market: because you’ll work with lettings agents as well as property sellers, demand is high whatever the conditions in the housing market. A single van franchise can generate more than £70,000 turnover annually, with strong profit margins.

Personal experience helps you make the move Countrywide Signs depot and operations manager, Rob Price, knows exactly what it’s like to hit civvy street – and the challenges it can bring.

Rob says: “I was a Master Sergeant in the US Armed Forces for over 20 years, and a combat Veteran in Afghanistan. I was a specialist for most of my career, but it can be difficult when you leave. It can feel like you’re on your own.

With our franchise, that’s never the case. If you want to be your own boss this is a great opportunity to use the organisational skills you’ve learned from your time in the Military. The potential for making money is limitless, it’s really up to how ambitious you are. With financial support available and investment starting at under £15,000, this is a low-cost but high reward business.”

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