New Pricing Strategy for More Success! vomFASS, Franchising Since 1994

We developed a new pricing strategy that increases profitability for our franchisees and established a more flexible structure that can adapt to new markets.

What have we changed?

  • Improved process & structure
  • Better support for Franchisees
  • Great new products
  • Better product prices & higher margins for franchisees
  • A new & exciting shop design

Over 280 Shops in More Than 28 Markets

vomFASS has grown to 280 locations in 28 countries! We excel in catering to different market needs around the globe. As a franchisee, you will join a global company, with significant buying power and access to the most authentic gourmet products in the world. You will stand out as a leader and gain name recognition and a refined reputation. You can educate visitors at your store and entertain customers from near and far.

Thank you for your interest in vomFASS and Happy New Year!

Greetings from our UK and Ireland Whisky suppliers:

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