Hitting the Road – Van-based Franchising

If you’ve decided to set up on your own in business, you may well have concluded that one of the best ways to do so is through franchising. While there are hundreds of franchising models to choose from, if you’re looking for a simple method, a van-based option might be for you.


Plenty of businesses start and plenty of them fail before they’ve ever really got going. The primary advantage of a franchise is that the brand name and reputation carry a certain degree of kudos which should translate into an instant customer base. This expedites the difficulties other business owners have in getting their idea off the ground, running into cash flow difficulties before they’ve started to get enough money coming in to sustain them.

Franchisees pay a start-up fee and a portion of their profi t to the parent company (franchisor) but in return, get branding and training as part of the package.

Simple set-up

One of the advantages of van-based franchises are that they are relatively quick and easy to set up. The van will be part of your initial package and you’ll be guided by the franchisor as to the stock or kit, depending on the business and territory (designated business area) that you’ll need.

The van is effectively your business premises so you won’t need to stump up the higher fees expected for a shop re-fi t for example and, at least in the early days, it’ll be unlikely that you’ll have to concern yourself with employing anybody. Again, because your outlay on ‘premises’ is relatively small, you’re likely to see a decent return on your investment.

Range of options

The range of van-based franchising options is vast. Franchises involving cleaning, gardening or automotive services are examples of franchises that lend themselves very well to life on the road – and with your travelling billboard – otherwise known as your van, you’ll find gaining further customers fairly easy as your reputation spreads.

Why Serviceleavers succeed with franchising

Franchisors are often very keen to get Service-leavers on board. Franchisors know that generally speaking, Serviceleavers take well to long-term training and crucially, can follow the formula to success as laid down by the franchisor – who has already proven the success of the business model with other franchisees before you.

What to look for in a van-based franchise

As with any franchise model/opportunity, it’s important to do sufficient homework before you commit your money to it. Ideally, the franchisor will be transparent regarding the process, costs and expectations and be able to provide evidence as to your expected trajectory. Part of this could be a meeting with an existing franchisor which could be invaluable in giving you a realistic outlook on what you can expect.

Van-based franchises can cost from as little as £2,500 up to £20,000 again reflecting the huge choice available. The cost variation is usually due to the amount of stock or kit you’ll need to invest in.

One of the advantages of van-based franchises are that they are relatively quick and easy to set up.

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