Understanding Terrorism: University of St. Andrews

As the oldest such centre in Europe dedicated solely to understanding the threat of terrorism, we have extensive experience of offering guided learning to practitioners from a wide variety of counterterrorism backgrounds.

The Military has always occupied a central place for us within that wider learning environment. We recognise that terrorism often arises from complex Military contexts such as insurgencies and occupations. We also recognise that a careful and calibrated deployment of Military capability often lies at the heart of successful counterterrorist efforts as well.

The Certificate is designed to offer an experience of studying terrorism that balances both breadth and depth of knowledge; and which does so in a format that is both explicitly flexible and digestible for individual learners. Students can study at their own pace, whilst being able to select from a wide variety of available modules. Our aim is that this format will allow you to concentrate on
core areas of interest, and to fi t that learning around the demanding and unpredictable challenges of Military life. In short, we very much hope you will consider the Certifi cate as your own learning pathway.

Email: security@knect365.com

Tel: 020 7017 4237

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