There’s A Unique Path To Becoming A Police Officer. It Starts Here.

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) is an armed police force, keeping the nation safe from harm by securing the integrity of civil nuclear material. Our primary function is the protection of licenced nuclear sites not used wholly or mainly for defence purposes and the safeguarding of nuclear material in the UK and overseas.

The Reward: As a Constable not only does the CNC have a competitive entry level salary but with satisfactory performance and the achievement of requisite skills this will rise to £38,382. Equally, the CNC has an outstanding pension scheme with a range of other benefits.

The Opportunities: A 17 week initial foundation course where you will receive unique firearms training prior to operational deployment. This will also ensure that you are maintaining the requisite level of fitness for a CNC armed officer with specialists to support you in this. After your probationary period there will be further opportunities to join one of our specialist teams such as firearms instructors; marine/ road escort groups or dog handler.

The facts: we have some remote locations; you will need to live in close proximity of your allocated site and our officers work 12 hour shifts.

You will be required to achieve medical and fitness standards as part of the application process, and these must be maintained and demonstrated throughout your career with the CNC.

Successful candidates will be required to relocate at their own cost, if applicable.

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CNC is an equal opportunities employer.

Looking for Police Officers in the following places: Dounreay, Dungeness, Sellafield, Harwell, Hunterston, Hinkley Point, Sizewell and Torness

Starting Salary £22,000 rising to £24,171 on completion of a satisfactory probationary period.

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