Deloitte celebrates first year of military support programme

Deloitte, the business advisory firm, is celebrating the first anniversary of its Military Transition and Talent programme.


The programme, one of the first of its kind, aims to help current and ex-military personnel find out about roles in the private sector. It provides information on the skills needed to succeed in business, offers networking opportunities and help with applying for roles within Deloitte.


In 2013, Deloitte recruited 15 ex-servicemen and women through the programme, taking its total number of ex-military recruits to more than 70. Deloitte also provided work placements tailored for the individual needs of seven military personnel, some of whom were wounded in service. In 2014, Deloitte expects to provide guidance and advice to over 500 more individuals, to help them into work.


Chris Recchia, a partner in Deloitte’s audit advisory team, who leads the Military Transition and Talent programme, said: “This programme was launched in recognition of the capabilities Deloitte has to provide those leaving the armed forces with support in re-entering civilian life. As an ex-army captain and an affiliate member of the Officer’s Association, I am acutely aware of the motivation, ambition and leadership skills that servicemen and women have to offer. With an understanding of business skills and private sector life, they have the opportunity to develop a very successful commercial career.


“The Military Transition and Talent programme forms part of Deloitte’s ongoing ambition to increase our talent pool. We have an internal military network connecting 150 staff made up of ex-military employees, those with friends and family in the military, and others with an interest in the armed forces. This network contributes to the support for ex-military recruits with mentoring, coaching, and help in building client relationships. We’re keen to ensure that the ex-servicemen and women that join Deloitte are provided with the utmost support in making their career at the firm a success.”


As part of the programme, Deloitte continues to hold quarterly “Insight into professional services” events. At these insight days attendees hear from ex-military employees, receive tips on developing their CV, learn about assessment procedures and attend networking events. Since the first insight day, which had around 150 attendees, more than 550 current and ex-military personnel have attended.


The next insight day will take place on Monday 14th April. For more information on the programme or to register your interest in attending, please visit:


Case studies


Ian Preece, Senior Consultant, Operations Excellence

Ian Preece served in the military, predominantly with the Royal Marines, for 10 years and had completed tours in Iraq and Afghanistan when he thought about a change in career. It was at this time that Ian read about the Deloitte insight day on the Officers’ Association website. He attended the programme’s first event and met people he had served alongside in Afghanistan, now working at Deloitte. They were able to offer practical advice about Ian’s transition. A couple of months after attending the insight day, Ian had successfully completed the selection process and was offered a position; he has now been working within consulting since 8 April, 2013.


Ian decided to join because he recognised that Deloitte was interested in developing his skills and helping him progress in his career.


Jon Wear, Manager, Audit Advisory

Jon Wear left the army two years ago, where he was a Captain in the Parachute Regiment, to join Deloitte and subsequently become involved in the Military Transition and Talent Programme.


Before leaving the armed forces Jon considered what he’d like to do next. He knew he wanted to launch a second career in London and looked for opportunities with long term potential.  After choosing consulting as his next career choice, Jon joined Deloitte because of the people and organisational culture. Having joined the firm, he decided to become part of the Military Transition and Talent programme team.


Jon believes the main advantage of the programme is that it is not just ex-Military people that are involved in it. It also has the support of individuals who are from a non-military background, who bring a different point of view and offer a broader civilian experience.