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    Milton Keynes College: Offender Education Careers Event


    Where can you keep making a difference? Why should Service leavers consider a career in Offender Education?

    Because teaching in prisons is the perfect opportunity to develop the skills you already have, it’s a chance to work with a diverse range of people from a wide range of backgrounds, and, most importantly, it’s the chance to keep making a positive difference.

    Excitingly, one of the biggest providers of Offender Education in the UK, Milton Keynes College, is holding an Offender Education Careers Event at HMYOI Brinsford this April to recruit a range of new staff across various subjects. This is a fantastic opportunity to find out more about what teaching in prison involves, meet current members of staff, ask questions and tour the establishment.

    To attend the Milton Keynes College Offender Education Careers Event, please click here.

    Why is Offender Education the right career for Service leavers?

    Quite simply, Offender Education involves teaching offenders in prison the skills and qualifications they need to find employment upon their release and break the cycle of reoffending. Subjects can vary from Functional Skills, to more vocational areas, such as Construction, Catering and Cleaning, as well as many more. The aim is to give someone the tools they need to change and to instil them with the hope that they can.

    For Service leavers, Offender Education utilises many of the skills already gained in the forces. You know how to lead and motivate others, work with people of varying levels of ability, provide structure, and handle yourself in different situations. Teaching in a prison can be challenging, but it also offers a very high level of job satisfaction and is extremely rewarding.

    About HMYOI Brinsford

    HMYOI Brinsford is a modern young offender institution (aged 15 – 18) and a remand centre for young adults (aged 18 – 21). The education department at the prison offers a range of subjects, including Literacy and Numeracy, IT, Cookery, Painting and Decorating, Woodwork, Art and many more. The education department is run by Milton Keynes College and operates five days a week (Monday – Friday). The prison has an overall operational capacity of 577.

    Teaching at HMYOI Brinsford

    Sometimes teaching is about more than just sitting at desks in lessons. At HMYOI Brinsford, they aim to promote a culture of celebration that promotes learner success and encourages learners to try harder and achieve more. Below, one teacher shares their experience of a recent learner awards day at the prison:

    “Over 5,000 programmes are completed successfully by the prison’s population each year. A range of different programmes are celebrated, from Entry Level Maths and English, right up to Level 2 academic and vocational programmes.

    This year we had 100 people attending. Although some of our Young Adults prefer not to have visitors, a lot of them do like their parents and partners seeing them receive a certificate and celebrate their achievements - it’s something that most haven’t experienced before. They are called up and have their photograph taken with the Governor, and they receive applause. Parents and partners are very proud of the achievements and congratulate the staff who attend.

    Two of the award winners, Ricky and Jason commented that: ‘This was well organised; the best awards ceremony we’ve ever had. It felt comfortable and nice that our work was actually going somewhere and was being recognised.’"

    Come along to the Milton Keynes College Offender Education Careers Event
    If this sounds like you and is a career you would like to find out more about, come along to the Milton Keynes College Offender Education Careers Event at HMYOI Brinsford.

    This event is the perfect opportunity to start the application process by meeting the recruitment team, hearing first-hand experiences from members of staff and touring the establishment to get more of a feel for the potential working environment. If you have any questions about what a career in Offender Education might involve, then this is your chance to have those questions answered. Whatever you’re looking to teach, be it Cookery, Cleaning, IT, Construction or Maths, Milton Keynes College would love to hear from you.

    How to book

    To attend the Milton Keynes College Offender Education Careers Event, please click here.