Paramedic and Nurse Event this June!

Join the South Central Ambulance Service this June! This Open Day event is an exciting introduction to the Trust and will allow you ample opportunity to meet members of SCAS; from Operational, Education and Recruitment Teams. This will include a tour of the enhanced simulation centre, presentation/s from the Senior Education Team, Specialist Paramedic Lead, Front Line Operations and more !

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Fighting Fit

Do you enjoy and feel proud of being in the excellent physical shape you’re in? Maybe it’s time to convert your passion for exercise into a civilian career. Rising awareness of the impact of diet, work and lifestyle on health is driving rapid growth in the physical training market.

By Julie Gray, from Civvy Street #49 (July 2014)

“Fitness has become hugely popular and new exercise trends are always emerging,” says Head of Training, Lucy Birch, at The Training Room. “For example, Parkour coaching is huge at the moment. It focuses on developing the fundamental attributes required for movement, including balance, strength and endurance, so it’s refreshing for those used to more structured Military drills.”

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Lee Rigby: an ordinary soldier who died in extraordinary circumstances

Woolwich attack victim who served in Afghanistan during one of worst periods of fighting, dies on London street Lee Rigby was born in Manchester, spent a year in Cyprus, and served for six months in Afghanistan with the military during one of the most violent periods of the 12-year-long conflict. His friends and family could never have imagined that the 25-year-old would lose his life in broad daylight, on a busy London street, at the hands of two men wielding knives and boasting allegiance to a virulent form of Islamist extremism.

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Lee Rigby: an ordinary soldier who died in extraordinary circumstances