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• Continued camaraderie with like minded people

• Over 40 rewarding roles •

Competitive rates of pay and non-contributory pension

• Annual tax free bounty

• Gain transferable qualications

• Travel, sport and adventurous training opportunities

• If joining within 5 years of leaving the Regulars:

• Maintain your substantive rank (subject to availability)

• Reduced training commitment

• Limited call-out liability

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Keeping The Nuclear Sector Safe


The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) is a specialist armed police service dedicated to protecting the civil nuclear industry. It currently protects 10 civil nuclear sites across England, Scotland and Wales and safeguards nuclear material in transit, playing an important role in national security.

The civil nuclear industry includes nuclear research and provides nuclear energy to millions of people. To protect such an important commodity, as well as the public, takes the work of a police service like no other, with specialist officers, from dog handlers and firearms trainers to specialist escorts.

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Fighting Fit

Do you enjoy and feel proud of being in the excellent physical shape you’re in? Maybe it’s time to convert your passion for exercise into a civilian career. Rising awareness of the impact of diet, work and lifestyle on health is driving rapid growth in the physical training market.

By Julie Gray, from Civvy Street #49 (July 2014)

“Fitness has become hugely popular and new exercise trends are always emerging,” says Head of Training, Lucy Birch, at The Training Room. “For example, Parkour coaching is huge at the moment. It focuses on developing the fundamental attributes required for movement, including balance, strength and endurance, so it’s refreshing for those used to more structured Military drills.”

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