Ex-sergeant training for World’s Strongest Disabled Man

Ex-army sergeant, Mark Smith will be trying for his third title as Britain’s Strongest Disabled Man. Mark was shot in the right leg six times and once in the right arm while serving for the Grenadier Guards in Canada. He had to have his right leg amputated above the knee after being injured during a live firing exercise.

Mark, 33, said: ‘I was on life support and I was told if they didn’t amputate my leg that day I wouldn’t see out the rest of the day because it was giving me organ failure. ‘It was killing me, I wasn’t really left with an option. ‘I was more worried about what would happen, being a husband and a dad and having a mortgage.’ Mark joined the Forces when he was 18 but couldn’t continue after losing a limb.

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Crucial Academy gives ex-forces heroes cyber-security training

New company, Crucial Academy is offering free training, qualifications — and jobs to ex-forces heroes. It’s a personal mission for the team behind The Crucial Group who are nearly all ex-military themselves. Chief executive Neil Williams joined the Royal Marines in 2009 and served for eight years before leaving last year to spend more time with his family.

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SSAFA Urges The Nation To Share Their First World War Stories

This year marks the 100-year anniversary of one of the most significant moments in British history but new research commissioned by SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity has revealed that many young people have no idea about the historic facts surrounding the First World War.

The One Poll survey quizzed the nation on their basic historical knowledge and understanding of the Great War and revealed a distinct difference between ‘Millennials’ knowledge compared to ‘Generation X’ and the ‘Baby Boomers.’

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Sea Cadets’ NCS Is Back!

Sea Cadets makes exploring the world feel safe and exciting at the same time. Sea Cadets is different from school. There’s a lot of learning. But it’s done through activities – on the water, on land and in the unit – and their volunteers leading by example.

It’s also different from home, a break from screens and being cooped up inside. The platform they offer youngsters is built on the foundations of a Royal Navy ethos. Their customs and traditions inspire our work and focus our commitment to supporting teenagers today.

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