Walking With The Wounded receive £10,000 donation from Yodel

WWTW and Yodel will be working closely together to provide employment opportunities to ex-service personnel.

Walking With The Wounded were very pleased to receive a generous £10,000 donation from Yodel this February. The donation will support ex-servicemen and women who have found their career transition from the military more difficult than others, and enable them to regain their independence.

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NHS – Taking A Step In The Right Direction

The Step Into Health programme helps Veterans find suitable roles in the health service.

Many of us can’t remember a time without the National Health Service (NHS); hardly surprising given that it celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2018. The NHS is a great achievement and one kept up today, in no small part, by the passion and enthusiasm of its workforce. Nevertheless, it faces obvious challenges.

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Find out how to Network for that dream job

Networking may sound like an intimidating and awkward affair that only business professionals get involved in but it’s one of the best ways to meet new people and find out about opportunities that may otherwise not come to light.

Research conducted by Virgin found that 85% of jobs are filled through networking, as many people prefer face-to-face communication. If you’re looking to find a new career or simply find out more about a particular industry, then networking events are among the best places to gain information and find new contacts.

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More Career Paths into Civilian Medicine & Healthcare


Whether you’re already medically qualified or had your appetite whetted by training or experience while in uniform, civilian healthcare and medicine offer excellent career prospects.

Adapted from Civvy Street Magazine, September & October 2013

No return to civilian life and career is that simple, but it’s fair to say that, if you’re looking to enter the civilian medical profession after discharge, your chances of success are good; you come with the kind of managerial training and cross-specialism experience that marks you out from your civilian peers.

Even if your time in uniform hasn’t been within any of the Army, Royal Navy or RAF medical services, the path ahead is reasonably clear; your core Military skills align very well with the values and standards of the medical professions.

Plus, you know more than you think; regardless of your previous specialism, you’ll have more basic medical training than most civilians; you’ll have been taught about health protection, infection control and environmental health — plus, of course, some level of battlefield First Aid, even if it’s just self-care.

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