Be Better Equipped With An OU Degree

Preparing for the move to civilian life? Get a qualification that matters. You’ll find our qualifications are widely recognised in civvy street and come with the benefits of a practical approach to learning that’s ideal while you’re still in the Forces and beyond.

More than 1,500 service personnel and their dependents are currently taking advantage of our special relationship.

If you are looking to develop yourself or planning to leave the Armed Forces and need additional skills to help with your resettlement, The Open University (OU) can help:

  • We work closely with the MOD to support education and training while with the Armed or Civil Services.
  • The OU’s flexible learning allows service personnel to maximise their use of personal time.
  • We are proud of our relationship with the Armed Forces, supporting students wherever they are in their studies and wherever they are in the world.
  • We have created a website to provide advice, support and free resources to Armed Forces personnel, as well as information to help you find out more about what it’s like to study with the OU.

Find out how The Open University can help you develop your career path for civvy street.


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