International Career Institute Signs British Armed Forces Corporate Covenant

ICI pledges its support to the British Armed Forces

The International Career Institute (ICI) today announced that it signed the British Armed Forces Corporate Covenant at an official ceremony held at the home of the Household Cavalry, at the Horse Guards building in London. The Covenant was signed by Dr David Grabovac, with the signing witnessed by Lieutenant Colonel David Utting, Head of Engagement, HQ London District. The Ministry of Defence established the Covenant in 2011 to encourage businesses to confirm and demonstrate their support of the Armed Forces community in the United Kingdom.

Under the Covenant, the International Career Institute affirms its commitment to the British Armed Forces by providing full scholarships and subsidised training to support military personnel and their partners.

“The International Career Institute will be providing full scholarships and subsidised training for full-time members, reservists and family members of the UK Armed Forces.  This is a significant opportunity, which I firmly believe is worth close consideration,” said Commodore Richard Powell OBE, a senior UK Defence and Naval Advisor.

“We are a proud supporter of the Armed Forces community and will continue to actively contribute in whichever way we can,” said Dr David Grabovac, senior representative of the ICI. “We are in particular interested in supporting members of the military who have displayed leadership traits, and to those who would most benefit from further education and training opportunities. Signing today’s Corporate Covenant is a significant step in developing a strong relationship between the International Career Institute and UK Armed Forces. ICI courses have a particular career development focus. They are relevant to the day-to-day skills and needs of various members of the Armed Forces, and ultimately Defence needs. Our courses are also aimed at developing new skills for those who are transitioning to civilian life.”

Members of the Armed Forces can submit scholarship applications at the following URL:

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